Heartsong Live 2017 Top 25 Songs

Compliments of the season. First we would like to thank YOU immensely for your love, support and prayers through the year 2017 – just as the Bible reveals that the glory of the latter will be greater than that of former, so shall the year 2018 be for YOU and yours, AMEN!

We would love to present – ‘Heartsonglive Top 25’ – a compilation of life transforming musical releases from your favorite Gospel artistes world over; and simultaneously appreciate the artistes, song writers, producers and the entire team that brought such life changing tunes our way.

Given the wide range of spirit filled songs that premiered in the year 2017, we had a tasking, yet fulfilling moment picking, drafting and publishing our final picks for the compilation.


See below our ‘Top 25 Songs. These have been carefully compiled and selected from listeners choice/requests, presenters pick/choice as well as listener reviews. Click on the song title to listen to or watch these songs or the artiste name to find out more about the artiste.







1. No God Like YouEmily Yoneh
2. Ultimate price Toluwanimee
3. Because of You Kylie Gbokolo
4. My Miracle Fortune Ebel
5. AriseEloho
6. I Am that I AmOlukemi Funke
7. Halleluyah OhOnos Ariyo
8. Breath Eno Michael
9. Open Heavens Glowreeyah
10. No foreign GodChevelle Franklin
11.Greater Onos Brisibi
12. HallelIsabella Melodies
13. YahwehUche Monyeh
14. I Need You NowVorkay
15. Worthy of PraiseKelvocal
16. Dwelling PlaceRosemary
17. I saw the light Philippa Hanna
18. In Your FavourTope Oyemami
19. Most HighMojisola
20. We WorshipEmmanuel Stephen
21. IdirimumaPurist Ogboi
22. The Only One (Okan Soso)The Reapers Choir
23. Praise Jam– Eloho & Sunkey
24. I’m FreeElwoma
25. In Your NameAda


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