New Lyric Video ‘Warrior’ by Hannah Kerr

“When I think about what a warrior is, to me a warrior really can be anyone and everyone. We all face seasons of hardship and we all have to keep hope alive and fight through the struggles we go through in this life. To me a Mom is a warrior, a student is a warrior, a solider fighting for our country is a warrior, someone fighting against an illness or a disease is a warrior, the list could go on and on. Also, we can all be warriors right here and right now by being prayer warriors. When I think about my Mom specifically, she has been a prayer warrior my whole life for my whole family and it has just made all the difference for us. We can fight our battles but we can also fight for each other just like God fights for us.” — Hannah Kerr

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Lyric Video Here



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Eloho Efemuai


Eloho Efemuai is an acclaimed worship leader and radio host. She is married to UJ Efemuai and together with their 3 kids are based in Aberdeen, Scotland U.K. She is a seasoned worship leader who has led various worship teams for over 3 decades. Her new album “Unrestrained” is a mellifluous combination of tracks showcasing her abundant gifting of music genres ranging from worship to inspirational and life giving songs spiced with a distinctive African flavour that motivates and energises you to worship God even in the very confines of your home.