Philippa’s New Single ‘Off The Wagon’ tops iTunes Country Chart

Two days after it’s release Philippa Hanna’s new single ‘Off the Wagon’ from her latest studio project ‘Come Back Fighting’ peaks at number 3 on the iTunes Country Chart pushing past Taylor and Dolly.

Talking about the new single in an Instagram Post Philippa had this to say

“We all make mistajes. We all make promises to ourselves and others that we just don’t keep. But every day is a new day of brand new mercies. So if we fall off the wagon—- of faith, sobroety, fidelity, kindness to oursleves, recovery from addiction or mental illness thank God we can always get right back on that wagon… And Keep on Driving. Life is hard. But Grace is amazing”

Watch behind the scenes footage style music video here

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Eloho Efemuai


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