Sam Hibbard:19-year Old Worship Leader in Scotland to Release His New Music on 25 August


Sam Hibbard is a 19 year old independent Singer/Songwriter and Worship Leader from Scotland. For 3 years now Sam has been performing live venues in and around Scotland and also leading worship in his local church from the age of just 15.

“Throughout 2016 I had a sense of urgency to refine and finish songs that were on my heart. In early 2017 I felt it was time to do something with these songs and share them with people. I took a step of faith and began pulling in people and resources to make this happen. After communicating the vision with these people the hard work began. After a few months of grafting I felt it was time to engage people on this journey. I knew God would provide for me but I didn’t quite know how. Soon enough God sparked the idea of crowdfunding. The concept felt right and seemed to fit well with where I was at. I launched the crowdfunding campaign and in just two weeks £3,100 was raised and this soon launched the project forward. This gave me complete creative freedom. I didn’t have the worry of money, I could focus solely on the creative aspect and getting it to the place I felt it was meant to go. The refining process of the songs really came out of my journey with Worship Central Academy. I was blessed to get a mentor for the year that had a huge passion for songwriting and this pushed me to a new depth with my own songwriting.

After a successful campaign of crowdfunding and months of hard graft pulling everything together. I can finally share these songs with the world. I was privileged to work with some amazing people that helped take my music to the next level that I couldn’t of done on my own. I really sense that this is just the beginning for the more. I’m still yet to learn so much and discover new levels to songwriting and the creative journey of making a record. I am SO looking forward to playing these songs live and hopefully integrating them in worship sets

I thank God for the opportunity to even make a record, to work with some amazing people throughout the process and for his grace that made it easy. It was in his strength, not my own, that I saw this project through to completion”.

** Music videos to follow after release live on 25th August on ITunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify. I am aiming to have a music video for each track. So far I have two complete and another two in the pipeline**

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