‘The Robots are Coming: Us, Them and God’- Nigel Cameron

In an age of ever increasing technological change Nigel Cameron unpacks in an accessible way what these developments could mean for us as Christians and for the Church as a whole. In the quest ‘to make robots human’, what is beneficial to us and what is dangerous? What does it mean to be human in the 21st century? These questions are handled thoughtfully by Nigel, giving us even more food for thought about humanity, technology and work.

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Eloho Efemuai


Eloho Efemuai is an acclaimed worship leader and radio host. She is married to UJ Efemuai and together with their 3 kids are based in Aberdeen, Scotland U.K. She is a seasoned worship leader who has led various worship teams for over 3 decades. Her new album “Unrestrained” is a mellifluous combination of tracks showcasing her abundant gifting of music genres ranging from worship to inspirational and life giving songs spiced with a distinctive African flavour that motivates and energises you to worship God even in the very confines of your home.

3 thoughts on “‘The Robots are Coming: Us, Them and God’- Nigel Cameron

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  2. Ian Scott-Thompson 4 weeks ago

    I’m loving this book! It’s right up-to-date (Dec 2017) on developments in robots and autonomous (self-driving) vehicles, and it has some fascinating and provocative questions about the future of humans and AI, and how we might adapt for a future where robots are doing our jobs.

  3. Trevor Miles 4 weeks ago

    A very timely book, as we as individuals and as a society determine what our future relationship with robots is going to be. Accessible for all, with lots of examples. Thought provoking, a book everyone should read.