Chinedu Gboof Releases ‘My Joy’

“When Ingrid told me to write the song ‘My Joy Has Come’, I felt it was ill-timed considering that I was going through a lot of stuff and couldn’t picture how to write on Joy.

But God used the song to teach me what True Joy really is. A joy that is independent of my emotions or the troubles surrounding me. A joy that demands complete trust in God even He seems silent.I realized then that if God were to allow me to see into the future, I will still testify that His way and His choice for my life are the best” – Gboof

Enjoy “my joy” on youtube. now

Produced, Mixed & Mastered By: Gboof & Dakinson

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Be blessed!

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One thought on “Chinedu Gboof Releases ‘My Joy’

  1. Osinachi 7 months ago

    Amazing song!!!! Can’t find words to describe how heaven sent this song is to me….