London based Artist release Olives Caleb release debut Single

Olives Caleb a London based artist who is an incredibly diverse and eclectic Afro-Soul Gospel musician releases his debut single titled ‘Blessings (Come Down) it is said that Olives approaches his music by picking “the very best from numerous genres”.  Olives is a minister, singer, songwriter, producer and mixing/recording engineer and also a multi-instrumentalist. His passion is centred around Jesus, and he hopes you find Him through his music.

When asked the inspiration for his debut single, Olives had this to say “Sometimes, we don’t want to do the right thing because the last time we did no one noticed, and God didn’t either it would seem. Other times, we just outrightly regret doing what we know was the right thing to do. Galatians 6:9 says, we shouldn’t get tired of doing the right thing and that we would get our rewards in no time. If you are like me and ever felt/feel tired of doing the right thing, this song is for you” 

Enjoy Blessings( Come Down) From Olives

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Eloho Efemuai


Eloho Efemuai is an acclaimed worship leader and radio host. She is married to UJ Efemuai and together with their 3 kids are based in Aberdeen, Scotland U.K. She is a seasoned worship leader who has led various worship teams for over 3 decades. Her new album “Unrestrained” is a mellifluous combination of tracks showcasing her abundant gifting of music genres ranging from worship to inspirational and life giving songs spiced with a distinctive African flavour that motivates and energises you to worship God even in the very confines of your home.